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Need of certification program

1. To provide advanced, scientific and research based exercise Programs to the society.

 2.Fitness and wellness management with modern exercise approaches under qualified trainers.

3.Certified fitness trainers will ensures complete safety and a promise to achieve the target effectively designed individually as per needs of each participant.

Motive? Gym for all-age, gender no bar, physical ailments no bar. Thousands of Gym, fitness centres are mushrooming without following even minimal standard criteria. Absence of qualified personals also in these centres poses a threat to health. With false promises and high charges, people are lured to fall into the trap. Even one wrong technique of exercise can permanently damage one’s health. For someone who has diabetes, thyroid disease, hypertension or arthritic conditions, only specialized Gym Trainers can prescribe exercises after proper assessment, evaluation and planning, otherwise landing up with major disabilities or permanent damage may occur in no time. It may also turn fatal in certain situations.

 Other developed countries have already running this type of program, but cost is very high for the Indian students. We must follow the standards with a low cost program for the gym trainers which must suite their economic standards.





Admission Procedure ( October 2019)

Last date of admission is 20th October 2019

Eligibility Minimum Class 10th

Need to pay 50% of the selected course fee on admission, remaining fees in next 2 installments

Admission can be taken in any of physiomax gym branch (10am-7pm) till 30th December 2018

Payment Mode- Cash/cheque/Card/online/PayTm

Maximum limitation of students is 25/ batch

Visit NIFS Saltlake at CL 240, sector 2, on Sundays- 11am to 4pm for DIRECT ADMISSION


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